My name is Rocky, and I'm a human curious in how things works. Particularly in science and matters that are quantifiable and follows a clear logic. This curiosity led me to the world of programming, where I'm constantly amazed by the work of previous people who built all the wheels so we could now use computers with ease and variety of functions. They have inspired and driven me to build more wheels - both for my own curiosity, interest and that of other people.

The explosion of computing power is to me a greater achievement than Apollo - The speed of calculations that made previously unstable states attainable through forcing from time-dimension enabled wonderful things like quadropters to fly - and we're only at the beginning of this era. Maybe we'll be able to eliminate cancer by making a register of all the cells in our body and eliminate exactly the cells that are malignant.

But all of this required more finesse in the handling of this tremendous power that come with the silicons of today. While there are billions of computers, most are not even remotely used to their ability. This is a great void that must be filled with more people who talks in a more direct way with the computer, I for one believe that programming should become a mandatory class like math in the K-12 system. But powerless for now and only recently enlightened on this, I can only change myself. And I've learned a great deal, starting with java and falling in love with Python. There are so many technologies and frameworks that are out there, especially machine learning and other other more complicated technologies - I feel priviledged to born in this era.

My Research

I currently work for Duke Robotics, within this wonderful lab, I have worked on several projects:

  • Drone Detection Project:

    This project aim to detect drones using acoustic and radio sensors in order to alert the administrator of the private space. The homepage of the project can be found here. I'm currently leading a team of 4 to build a system to detect, notify both drone and humans in restricted areas.

  • SHADO Dispatch-Operator Simulator:

    This project is a computer simulation of the taskload of dispatch-operator system, such as air-traffic controller and pilots, railroad dispatchers and train engineers. We studied the impact of automation with the software we've built, the software are hosted as a web application here. I was responsible for developing the backbone version of the java code before I left the project. More recently, I'm tasked with taking the application to comply with RESTful APIs.

  • HAIER Dijkstra Simulation:

    This JavaFX simulation program was built in collaboration with JPL, it tracks how people respond to uncertainties of automation. The result of this study were put to analysis which yielded some interesting results. I was only responsible for developing the data logging for this program. The program and its source code can be found here

My Projects

Ever looking up to the shoulders of those who contributed to the open source community, and heavy user of such libraries and utilities. I try to make my own contributions, though limited by skill and time, I try to create tools that some might find useful.

  • Web Scraper Project:

    Not content with the massive scraper utility that is the scrapy library, I created a simple, lightweight and browser-enabled (js-enabled) scraper class. It also comes with a tool to crawl your favorite baidu tieba community for images. Github link

  • Framediff Project:

    This is a utility project that detects moving object from a stable reference plane. This uses the traditional frame difference method, which is universally applicable. GitHub link

  • Survey Server:

    Fed up with the high cost to mount and take a survey through survey sites such as surveymonkey, and the possibility of loss of data (This happened in one of our project). I decided to write a survey framework in php that will put all survey on the local server. I also decides to publish the code so whoever with access to a LAMP instance can host and take their own surveys. The survey server is currently hosted here, feel free to take the code and host it on your own server Github link

  • The GFW Pinger:

    This is a pinger server physically located in China, to detect which websites are not available within the country. The websites uses django for its backend to keep tab on history information and allows user to add their own website for a single page application utilizing ajax.

  • The particle game:

    This is the portage of the original particle game in javascript by me.

Go to my Github Account for more interesting things!


Things that I want to share to my future self and Sophie, that are not too private.

Diary Homepage

My Interests

I like skiing, cycling and playing the game of Go.

Kerbal Space Program is also one of my huge hobbies.

None of them beat my passion of programming, I would consider coding my biggest hobby.